5 Tips to not take punches at the disco. Cilento and its clubs.

#Santa Maria di Castellabate, Cilento, Campania Region# Italy# First thing, I want to clarify from the outset, these are not class-conscious thoughts but just ethical considerations and, I hope, shared and shareable about… Continue reading


This post appears for the first time on the “Cultural Blog for curiouses passengers”, i-Cult Name: Fioravante Conte Age: 30 years Job Title: And how can I explain in three lines? Journalist? Blogger?… Continue reading

What you choose to wear? Culture

  # Corunna, Galicia, España # The only thing that you can carry anywhere with you. Culture. It does not weigh, is light. You do not need suitcases and it weighs more than… Continue reading

Ortigueira, the strength of the pine and the scent of Eucalyptus

  #Ortigueira, Galicia, España# In the midst of “Pinar”, the pine forest of Ortigueira, a village of seven thousand souls who for five days in July hosts over twenty-five years, the second Celtic… Continue reading

De Eutanasiae. Ardet Lucus Augusti. Ardet Roma Neronis, Seneca is dead

# La Coruña/Lugo, Galicia, Spain# I note two thoughts  entered in my mind before going to sleep on this bus “Arriva” that leads me from Lugo to Corunna. A night of Bacchanalia. Without… Continue reading

Geryon, the tower and the overpowering

  # Corunna, Galicia, Spain# There is a deep economic crisis and it feels strong: in the shopping streets you can see a lots of places closed. The discouragement among young Galician is… Continue reading

Breasts, crystals and street-lights

   #Santiago de Compostela / Corunna, Galicia, Spain# I come back to Galicia exactly a year later. One year after the wedding. The journey to my friend Marcos’s wedding: something beyond words! Right… Continue reading


   #Corunna, Spain# “I like the bitches around him”! Welcome to Corunna. It’s lunch time, a group of locals, a handful of tourists, some bums. “Bombilla” in “Rúa da Galera” is packed, “like… Continue reading

Out of order

#Italy, From Baiano to Naples# Three years later. I am on the train that connect Baiano to Naples, called Circumvesuviana. But later then what? Later, after the carefree years spent in high school… Continue reading

Come away with me

#Germany, Berlin# Here I am. In the middle of my last night in Berlin absorbed to write my last post. Yes, the last of this blog. The sarracino back in Italy for a… Continue reading

The Waiting and the lost time

#Germany, Berlin# Still waiting. In the waiting room of my thoughts. Last Wednesday I faced my last job interview for the company that I’m chasing during the past three months. For the next… Continue reading

Time of Crisis

#Germany, Berlin# They say the word “crisis” in Chinese, may means, in the signs that form the ideogram, “danger and opportunity.” In the last two years of work, during same business presentations, we… Continue reading

The safety of the instability

#Germany, Berlin# I’ve always had a bad habit. Curiosity. A bad habit that has always inspired me in an eternal and difficult search for changes, for the lives of others, for the deep… Continue reading

Swindled in the change

#Germany, Berlin# The rule is to change: place, clothes, car, home, life. Change the mood, change the way of thinking, change the body. “If you want this, do this” seems to explode from… Continue reading


#Germany, Berlin# Pick it up. It is not convenient to leave a coin, it can change your life that runs in front or behind. Sometimes it is on your side and has your… Continue reading

Impressions of November, the first month in Berlin

#Germany, Berlin# I write to be able to remember it. A day. Think about how many pulses can stun you in a city like Berlin. At every step there is something that catches… Continue reading

Happen, meet, plot … live …

#Germany, Berlin# Sometimes it needs just a simple glance to understand each other and understand the others. You do not need big business, master studies or thesis from major luminaries or thesis nor encyclopedic… Continue reading

The smell of suffering

#Germany, Sachsenhausen# Have you ever felt the chills of oppression on the skin? Visit a Nazi concentration camp is this: you enter the front door in the middle of the story most cruel… Continue reading

What is a dream?

#Germany, Berlin# Italians in Berlin tell me that life is not easy here. But where is it? Each path has its difficulties, every movement has its obstacles, every thought can get lost in… Continue reading

Like a little birds

#Germany, Munich# Thousands of people. Damn! How is it possible that I feel alone? As an immigrant in the station of a country which ignores the language, like a wounded little bird in… Continue reading